Current Projects

This page was last edited on 14th July 2024

The Music of Gustav Mahler: A Catalogue of Manuscripts and Printed Sources
The following are currently online:

As spin-offs I have other projects nearing completion:

“The foremost and unrivalled music engraving business in Austro-Hungary”: Josef Eberle (1845–1921), printer, publisher and manufacturer of manuscript paper (Publication scheduled for 2020)

Promoting Mahler, 1880–1930
(Publication scheduled for 2020)

Mahler in China (1907)
(Publication scheduled for 2020)

The business of music: new perspectives on music printing and publishing in Vienna, 1892–1914 (in preparation)

The Bradley Bulletins (1936-1953) This extraordinary collection of first-hand reports on musical events and broadcasts in Britain were discovered at the Royal College of Music in 2008, and were featured in a Radio 4 broadcast, One Man’s War. Two essays are available on this website (see: Publications – online)

Concert Programmes Database. I have been involved in this project, which seeks to provided online access to collection-level descriptions of collections of programmes in the the UK and Ireland, since its inception at the start of the Millennium. Initially it was funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (2004-07), but was later supported by IAML (UK & Irl), the Music Libraries Trust and donations.